Ken and Amy purchased the property in May 2018.  We have made improvements over the last year and continuing to do so this year.  

We are transforming the first building on the road into more of a gathering place / welcome center.  There will be books and board games to borrow during your stay and bring back to your cabin or stay and sit at the tables and stay at the center.  

We have WiFi at cabins – if you are familiar with staying here, you know that cell phone service can be tricky as well as needing to go to town to connect to the internet.  It is not the best as it is HughesNet, but it is the only option we have for this area.  

There is no cable/satellite service.  We want this place to be a place to getaway and unplug.  If needed, we have HDMI compatible TV’s and DVD players available to use during your stay.  You can bring your own gaming consoles to hook up as well.  Just let us know in advance if one is needed for your stay. 

You all are welcome to come to the top of the mountain, where we live, to take in the view, hike, play horseshoes, or have a picnic. 

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Ken and Amy