Lots of changes in process for Mountainside Cabins!  Don’t worry, we are not changing how simple and quiet this place is.

Ken and Amy purchased the property in May 2018.  We are in a time of transition but hope to have some new things in place this year.

Our plan is to turn the first building on the road into more of a gathering place / welcome center.  There will be books, games and DVD’s to borrow, as well as tables to gather at or play board games together.

We have WiFi at cabins – if you are familiar with staying here, you know that cell phone service can be tricky as well as needing to go to town to connect to the internet.

We have HDMI compatible TV’s and DVD players available – you can either bring your own DVD’s to watch or borrow from the limited selection that will be in the welcome center library.  You can bring your own gaming consoles to hook up as well.  There is not cable/satellite service.

Food option on site. Think along the lines of a bed and breakfast, but this is more like cabins and comfort food.  There will be a different meal option each night and you can opt in by letting us know 24 hours in advance.  Options will be emailed before your arrival.  For example, roast beef and mashed potatoes on Monday and Fried Chicken on Tuesday’s, chili and cornbread on Wednesday.  You get the idea!  It will be available between 5-7 during the week for a donation of $10 per plate.

You all are welcome to come to the top of the mountain where the main cabin / office is to take in the view or have a picnic.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Ken and Amy